This round in Technology/Multimedia is so different. We didn’t learn anything new but instead, we go back to look at all the lesson that we have to learn throughout the year. And try to remember it back. Ohh also this is the last round for Multimedia this year, so that means we won’t have this class anymore.


So after we look back to all the project that we have been learned and also working on, Our teacher let us chose on one lesson that we have learned and try to create a product at the end of the round. There is also a lesson that we have learned such as Researching skill, Digital storytelling, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Python, Photography, Videography and more. After looking through all of the projects that I have been working on throughout the year, I chose to work on Adobe Photoshop which is my personal goal to learn on. It a cool adobe app where we can editing and make all of the effects to make our picture look better. It though in the future we will have time that I need to edit a photo and also I love to design my PC wallpaper so I think this would be a good skill to learn. When I open Adobe Photoshop for the first time in the past few months I forget nearly any tool in the app. So I need to learn about some tool again and watching some video about editing to refresh my mind. And Here is my final product.


Can you guess how many pictures were put in together to make this one picture? Actually, the picture that was putting in together was seven pictures. This whole picture talk about a person that dream to go to another place and wish that he have superpower like you see in the picture he open a doctor strange portal to go to another place and like he call Avengers and X men to come and help him but there still a problem like Pennywise and the time is going to fast so that why he wanna go to other places. So this is the meaning of the picture.


For me if I want to design a picture or something like that I would choose to create like a meaningful poster where like you can not just see all of the meaning of the picture for just look at it but you need to use your imagination and your thinking to identify what the true meaning of the picture would be and that why I chose to create this picture. I enjoy working on something like this because it makes me thinking of something deeper and you can get more creative by just putting a lot of pictures together to make something that is more cooler. Between this creation I also get some issues and the most important one, I think is because I still don’t understand the use of each tool in photoshop yet. Sometime I get confused to use another tool that I don’t want so it makes my picture not the way I want it and I just need to do it again and again so this is one of the challenging parts for me but I think I just need to take time with it and I think If I do more stuff with it, it will make my mind remember it.


This round we got to practice a lot with code in python. And because there are a lot of things to learn in this code Language we need to continue it to this round too. First of all, we got to introduce to the new website called Trinket which is the website that helps us to practice and write different code language. So we use it for exercise and also the assignment teacher post in. We often started a class with a new lesson that our facilitator will be explained to us before we started to do some activity with it.

Sometimes our facilitator having us an independent code project where our facilitator assigns us to do one code project for one week. and one of the projects that I love is a Rock, Paper, Scissor games. It not really different from the Rock Paper, Scissor games that we play every day to it just you will play against the computer which you will chose Rock Paper or Scissor and the computer also have a random code to chose Rock Paper or Scissor. You have three chance to play before game is over. We always help each other to solve the problem with the code and find the mistake that we make and we did a lot of communication in class too.


This class was focusing on Coding. First, we did some activity and get to know what is coding? After that, we were introduced to Python. We learn about how Python work. And how to run it. We use Code academy to practice and use the code board to do exercise and homework. Sometimes we have a quiz about it and we did a lot of reviews to make us understand better. Sometimes Python gets very confusing and I always get confused with it. It can always get a mistake even you miss one letter But it a great code language to started and learn.

Digital StoryTelling

This is the second round of Technology Multimedia. In this round, we mainly focused on Digital Storytelling and camera skill. Digital storytelling is a storytelling that people use the digital thing to tell. We also learn about story structure how to tell the story in order. By nearly the end of the round, we got to learn about the camera. I really interesting about the camera and how it works. It looks so difficult to understand but When I learn about it I kind of understand more about it. One more thing that we learn in this round is Adobe Illustrator. We use Adobe Illustrator to design the logo or graphics. We got to play around with it and do some editing with it.


Technology/Multimedia is a new class this year. In this class, we learned about technology and multimedia tool. First two week we learning about Adobe. We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Indesign. When we learn all three of this Adobe we need to make a poster contain a picture from Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop to put in Adobe Indesign. I was research about Mount Everest. And this is my Poster

We also learn how to research on google. And For the three to four last week, we were learning about coding and also Introduce to it and it was fun to learn in this class.