This round we got to practice a lot with code in python. And because there are a lot of things to learn in this code Language we need to continue it to this round too. First of all, we got to introduce to the new website called Trinket which is the website that helps us to practice and write different code language. So we use it for exercise and also the assignment teacher post in. We often started a class with a new lesson that our facilitator will be explained to us before we started to do some activity with it.

Sometimes our facilitator having us an independent code project where our facilitator assigns us to do one code project for one week. and one of the projects that I love is a Rock, Paper, Scissor games. It not really different from the Rock Paper, Scissor games that we play every day to it just you will play against the computer which you will chose Rock Paper or Scissor and the computer also have a random code to chose Rock Paper or Scissor. You have three chance to play before game is over. We always help each other to solve the problem with the code and find the mistake that we make and we did a lot of communication in class too.

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