Independent Literacy

This is the last round for year 3 and in Literacy is different. This round theme for Literacy is Make the most of your learning. What is making the most of your learning? Make the most of your learning is meant to use all of your time wisely for example if you have done the exercise in class early you should use that time to get more practice and do other class work. So this round our teacher let us plan and organize our own schedule of learning literacy. In literacy, you have a lot of things to do like reading book, practice writing and stuff that you can fill it in with your time. At the same time, our teacher also gives us some task that you need to complete at the end of the round like novel study which where you need to choose one novel to read and at the end of the round you need to review it on a table discussion with other people. One more is How I change Cambodia which is a reflection that every student need to write at the end of each year. We also switch the role of our Affirmation to get everybody to practice and said some word before class started. For me, I enjoy reading some article from Newsela which is a website that you can read online. There are a lot of articles that you can read and also a lot of different topics that you can choose and for me, I love to read about action and about sport. When we finish there’s also a place where you can take a quiz and different level of reading depend on how much you read. I think this is a very good Theme and also change our perspective from going to class and always ask teacher what we are gonna learn today and instead everyone just come into class, plan their day and started straight working. We also working on how to be happy essay when you choose one topic and you write how to be happy with it and my essay is about How to be happy when you with your family and here are the essay:


How important is family to all of you? Well, Family is very important to all of the people. they give you birth, they feed you, they care you, they let you to school, and they teach you. But one of the most important things that everyone should be noticed and be careful is that every day they’ll grow older and older! And They won’t be with you forever. There will be a time that you will have someone in your family pass away for some reason and when that happens, a lot of people just sit and blame themselves that they should use more time with family and they wish that they can go back to do something good for their family and because of that, you need to spend your time very wisely with your family and make your life happy with them. This is also my experience throughout my life and I think a lot of people also west a lot of time on other stuff instead of being joyful with their family. So this Essay will be here to share to you that your family is important and this is some steps that you will need to make you and your family having a wonderful time together:


Go on vacation:

When you with your family sometime you want to talk about the experience or the memory that you have with each other. And one of the ways that you can have a lot of memory with your family is a vacation. Vacation can help to bring all of the family together. When you have a holiday break where all of your family together you can bring them to vacation. Take them to the places where they never go before. They will have a wonderful relaxing time together. Try to see what out there around the world, tasting some new culture, some new experience and some new taste of food. The vacation was not just for having a fun time and relaxing, you can also learn something out there. Maybe they never see some new animal before so they can see it right now and that can also be a very fun and meaningful memory of their life. According to ( Vacation are important to family happiness ), they said “ Children having new experiences rates right up there in the family Holiday Association’s list of benefits, clocking in at 98% ”. Not only having a wonderful time with family but also you can learn more new thing about the world. You can be more fun with it like having some camping where you sleep in the tent together, or hiking on the mountain or fishing, swimming, exploring, watching different animal, go to the zoo and some more good activity too.


Take yourself away from your phone and Computer

A lot of time when technology is getting better and better. People started spending a lot of money on technology stuff like computer, mobile phone, and more. Each year more and more people started to buy technology stuff and not only adult that using these technologies, but They also bought it for their children. And all of you know that right now in technology, they started to create a social media app which allowed you to have chat with each other and make new friend from different places around the world. But people think that social media is very important because it can help them meet other people around the world and they can learn more about what going on in the world and also they can know the news that is happening right now. But At the same time, people forget one thing that is also important to them too and that it’s family. This is a big problem and all of you should be looking back and remind yourself about your family. I’m pretty sure if you use that time to go out and have some fun with your family it will be much happier then just sitting and keep scrolling and typing to different people. And when you spend to much time on it you will lose the connection with your family which they are like different people from you. They won’t have that much time with you anymore. And also they started to be bored and soon it will turn to a bored family which also affect your children learning. Your children also started to care about you when they get older so they will be not that much focused on studying because of the family didn’t have much good time with each other anymore. So turn the point back take that hobby out of your mind. Having a personal phone and computer is just like you are alone, you are right now trying to get yourself out of the family to make sure spend a lot of time with family than with your technology.

Having a Meal together

   For many parents, Having Meal together is a big and strong connection to the family. When they eat something together, they can have a talk with each other about the work, maybe the problem that they are facing right now. For parents, they ask their children about how it’s going to school and they can have a good conversation with each other. You can watch TV together and it would be happier if you cook the food and you eat it in your house. People try to get themselves not to cook a lot of things and that also not bringing a lot of happiness into family. Sometimes the food that you buy from a market or restaurant is not so delicious as you cook by yourself. And that because you are the one who knows the taste that your family like. It doesn’t matter if it Breakfast, Lunch or dinner but I suggest the best meal to eat together is for Dinner. After a long day of work, people getting really tired and that the time where you can sit together and ask everyone how was their work goes. You can be more creative by talking about some exciting thing that happens through the day or maybe something that is funny, it can be a joke or story that you have. According to ( Why the family meal is important ), they said that “ If dinnertime is an interesting time of day for your child, he is going to learn how to sit, and say, “How was your day?” and “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” and other”. You can also make it look nicer if you have some creativity with it like take the table to the outside and find a place where you can see a very clear of the moon and you can surprise them too like you bought them a present or show them something you did for them too.


Make work and home life balance

A lot of time with people that are having so busy at work. They sometimes left their family home, go on trips, come back home very late at night, etc.They’re not making work and home time balance. Making both work and home time balance is very important. You can’t spend less time on work or else you do not get it done. You also can’t spend less time on home or else your relationship with family will get smaller and smaller. Most of the time people think that work is important but at the same time, when they working, their love and joyful time is when they have a great time with their family. So for this sentence, it already shows you how important is both of this need to be balanced! People can’t stop working or else they won’t have money, and also they can’t spend less time with family or they will not have a happy day with work. But how do you make two of this balance? Well, This is some guide. First, one that I want you to do is always join your family when dinner. Like I said on one of the steps

( Having Meal together ) having dinner with the family is very important. You can ask each other story about what’s going on for the hold day. And you can also surprise them by leaving the work early and come home before they do and just set up the place and making dinner for family and I promise your family will be so surprised and love you even more. The second one is Present, All of the kid love present and they will love present even more if it comes from one of their family members. So it doesn’t need to be really expensive stuff! It can be a thing that your kids love like Toys, Ball, dolls and more stuff for kids. And also you can buy it for your husband/Wife too like Ring, necklaces, Watch, Shirt, Pant and more of the stuff that your Husband/Wife like or want. And There are more but this is stuff that I want you to try first!


There are more thing and more way that can make you and your family happy but this is some guide for those of you that are really stuck and don’t know what to do when you with your family. I really encourage you to step up and help to see all of the problems that your family have and help them solve it together ( especially if you are children ). When you did something, not success or you lose something, they are the people that you can trust and always stay there and help you until the end. So be sure to treat them as they treat you and Please help share this to your friend and people nearby you to also help convince them to have more time with their family and also help prevent people from losing their connection with their family. During your holiday or free time that you have, make sure you spend time talking with your family, don’t spend to much time on social media and help yourself build up a wonderful connection with your family. Hope this is helpful for you Thank YOU!!!!



The theme for literacy this round is happiness. Mostly we were learning about how can we defined, achieve and get happiness. Happiness comes from a lot of things. Money can make us happy, Helping each other also make you happy. We use commonlit to read some article about happiness and having some discussion about the article too. We often watching some video about happiness and one of the videos that we watch and I was really love was about Johnny Barnes. He lives in Hamilton, Bermuda and we always found him waving to people driving and he actually sitting there to waving to people and at least said “I love you” to them. People define him as a HAPPY MAN. and there also a statue of him at the road that he always sits and waves to people too. I really appreciate him and he really inspires me. If the world is rest in peace there will be no war, no angry, and no Killing each other.


For the new round of Literacy, we strongly focused on Reading Skill. So sometimes we review all the lesson that we learn and connect to reading skill. We also started a new Group reading that we called a Novel Study. In this activity, we have four books that the student needs to choose. One book has about 4 to 5 people. all of this book was about bullying. The books are about 200 to 300 page long. There are Wonder, Monster, Outsider and Looking for Alaska. I Choose to read Wonder. Wonder was talking about The inspiring and Story about one boy name August Pullman. So to finish the book our teacher have a Schedule for how many pages do we need to read a day or a week. After a week we need to have a group discussion that we need to have a role like Symbolizer, Visualizer, Inference, WD ( word detective ) and summarizer. We need to do the discussion every week.

Environmental Justice

Another interesting topic happens in English Literacy. In this round, we were learning about Social Environmental Justice. Environmental Justice is an idea that every person should involve in a decision about what happened in the environment. In this topic, we got to have a discussion a lot with our friend and teacher to know more about this topic. We also doing research about an injustice living near the wast landfill. We have four cities to research it Which is

  1. Guwahati, India,
  2. Payatas, Philippines
  3.  Addis Abeba, Ethiopia,
  4. and Mombasa, Kenya. I got to research about Payatas, Philippines and it was so hard to see all the people that live near the landfill and all of the wast. At the end of this round, we got to have a philosophical chair discussion about “ the school should stop the practice of giving the letter grades to students. Instead. They should only give the written feedback ” Philosophical chair is similar to debate and Students are given a central topic or question that they must choose to agree or disagree. In this topic, I choose to disagree and we have a full hour to discuss this topic.

English Literacy

Literacy is one of the important Essential in Liger. It helps our English skill better. We learn all the skill such as Writing, Listening, Speaking, And reading. We use some website to learn literacy like Newsela, Readworks, and Commonlit. In this years we were focusing on reading and writing.  When we start the class we always do affirmation. And we learn by the English language history. And we have a homework packet that has 10 words and there are some exercise to do with all of the words. When we feel like we comfortable with all of that word we have to take a test for our teaching to know and get a score.