Math in this round was focused on a lot of different topic. But we got a new website that help us summary or know what we gonna learn in the week and that website is Joinpd. Joinpd is like a google presentation slide plus the google classroom, it aloud student to join the code that were show by the teacher and student can go to Joinpd website and put the code in to run the presentation. The first thing that we learn in math this round is about rate. Now rate is a special ratio in which the two terms are in different units. For example, if 12 people equal to 6 team, 1 team equal to 2 people. We do a lot of practice with exercise and when we finish we alway go to review it more in Khanacadermy and at the end of the week we also play some Quizzz too.  


We started the new unit in math this round which is “Percentage”. The percentage is something we use a lot on Date survey, Discount, statistics. And it important to know about it. It also has a connection with Fraction and Decimal and that the confusing part for me when we doing word problems in class. Sometimes the teacher also let us create a game about Percentage and put it for other students to play. We do a lot of exercise in the workbook and also play some game and activity to help us understand and get more confident with it.


Fraction And Decimal

In math, we just started a new math book which is 5B. The 5B book has a lot of work and new thing to learn but in this round, we mainly focused on Fraction and Decimal. We learn about how to converted Fraction to Decimal From Decimal to Fraction. At the end of the week, we have some fun Activity to do with all the lesson that we learn the hold week. We also use Khan Academy to help learn it too. We have a Celebrating of Knowledge which we review about all the thing that we learn since past and now. We use Quizizz and Kahoot to review it too and we have a lot of fun with all the lesson that we learn.



This round in math we were learning about a new topic called Geometry!!! In geometry, we were mostly focusing on Area and perimeter of Rectangle and Triangle. Two to three week we will have one test to let the teacher know if we catch up. In the class, we also did some art and teamwork to solve the word problem and exercise. We are having so much fun with the problem and usually, we will have fun activities or Quizizz at the end of the week to review what we have learned in the week.


New Year New book!  Yes like what I said in the new year I got a new math book from my teacher. In this year we were learning about fraction. We use Kanacadermy to help review and also learning. We do a lot of exercise in class and also doing work in a team. Every week we always changing the sit to get more confident with a friend and also place. On Friday we usually playing kahoot.it to review our learning of the week. And we have a review homework to do every week and we need to turn it in on Monday.