Household Garden

Our team and Mr. Ros Mao

This is the first exploration of the new year and it is called Household garden. Household Gardens is a project which is trying to promote organic  vegetable in Cambodia also try to identify the problem why we import a lot of vegetables from outside and why we can’t afford the vegetables inside our country. For the past years, Cambodia has imported vegetables from other countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Right now the local needs to import 140 tons to fit the demand of people, and we can only produce 400 tons inside the country. But people believe and think that a lot of vegetables in local are chemical and most vegetables that chemical are from the import of other countries. This exploration is focused on how we can help the community grow more vegetables for local by started with a small garden in each house so that they won’t need to buy vegetables from local market which can also avoid them from scared of chemical vegetables. But this is going to be a long term exploration so the first round of this exploration will be about us studying technical vegetable plantation such as nutrients needed for plants (NPK), the symptoms of deficiency NPK, organic compost, liquid fertilizer, organic pesticide, seed selection, chemical versus non-chemical vegetables, and harmful effects of chemical use on vegetables and we hope to write a manure at the end of the round about all of the technical vegetable plantation to help the farmers learn. We also have a trip to SomboSabay which is a community in Takeo province who plant organic vegetables and organic compost. We go there to learn about some technical organic vegetable planting and also learn about organic compost and liquid compost. We also go to Mr. Ros Mao house who teach us about his own way of planting organic vegetables and  also learn about organic pesticide, Organic compost and liquid compost. After we come back we started to plan for planting our own garden in our school where we divided into 4 groups and plant two vegetable per group. My groups plant Okra and bitter eggplant and we need to try the technique from Mr. Ros Mao and SomboSambay in order to know if the technical work for us so that we have an example for the farmer before we go and teach them.  

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