Traditional Food


Picture When We Visit Sugar Palm

Traditional food is the second exploration this year. Our goal is to learn about the type of traditional food and ingredient to document for our next generation to know about our traditional food. In this exploration, we mainly focusing to make a product such as a Video, journalism, and photo. To make all the product finish by seven-week we need to divide into this three group so I am in the photo group. My goal is to take a lot of pictures to make a photo essay about all the places and food that we went too. In the third week, we got to go to Siem Reap to learn the traditional food from the restaurant. They are Mahob, Cousin Wat Dammnak, and Sugar palm. We went to all of this restaurant and do a lot of interviews to get more information about the food. When we come back we started to take all the information to make our product and these are all the product that we make:

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