This round in math we were learning about a new topic called Geometry!!! In geometry, we were mostly focusing on Area and perimeter of Rectangle and Triangle. Two to three week we will have one test to let the teacher know if we catch up. In the class, we also did some art and teamwork to solve the word problem and exercise. We are having so much fun with the problem and usually, we will have fun activities or Quizizz at the end of the week to review what we have learned in the week.

Environmental Justice

Another interesting topic happens in English Literacy. In this round, we were learning about Social Environmental Justice. Environmental Justice is an idea that every person should involve in a decision about what happened in the environment. In this topic, we got to have a discussion a lot with our friend and teacher to know more about this topic. We also doing research about an injustice living near the wast landfill. We have four cities to research it Which is

  1. Guwahati, India,
  2. Payatas, Philippines
  3.  Addis Abeba, Ethiopia,
  4. and Mombasa, Kenya. I got to research about Payatas, Philippines and it was so hard to see all the people that live near the landfill and all of the wast. At the end of this round, we got to have a philosophical chair discussion about “ the school should stop the practice of giving the letter grades to students. Instead. They should only give the written feedback ” Philosophical chair is similar to debate and Students are given a central topic or question that they must choose to agree or disagree. In this topic, I choose to disagree and we have a full hour to discuss this topic.


In this round in Khmer class, we were learning about one famous story in Cambodia that called “ Kolab Pailin ”. This story was written by Nhok Them in 1936. It’s a romantic story and also talking about a life in French Colonial administration. This story is talking about one person name Chao Chet a man who travels from Sangke district to Pailin district in Battambang province which was on the Kingdom’s western border to work as a gold miner. Chao Chet has lost his family but he never gives up. He moves from his parents’ hometown and asks a man, [Loung] Ratanak if he can live with him. Chao Chet is poor He works hard but always respecting his boss. All his words come from the bottom of his heart. The book gives the reader an understanding of what relationships between young men and women were like in those years. I really really like this story and it was so inspiring for me.

Periodic Table

Modern Periodic Table


Now stem class is digging to more interesting thing to learn. This round we were learning about the periodic table. The periodic table is a table that content and organizing all the elements that we have and it was made by Mendeleev and it arranges and increasing by the atomic mass. But for right now the modern periodic table was increasing by the automatic number. We will have a test every week to let our teacher know that how is the student learning right now. We still using Ck 12 to learn and we also do some experiment in class and also the explaining skill and teamwork too. There are more thing to explore in science and I feel like when I learn more deeply into it. it makes me more interesting and kind of get more understanding.



This is the second year for the stem. Everything has changed even the article and also what we are learning. Last year we learned about Earth science but this year We were learning about Physical Science. We use CK12 to learn and also practice our learning. Before we go to Physical Science we have a little bit of review and it was fun. All of our week we learning about Atom and inside of an atom. So we did a lot of activity to learn. And a lot of experiment too. We also have a quiz at the end of the week and it does not very difficult. and all of the students did very well.


Technology/Multimedia is a new class this year. In this class, we learned about technology and multimedia tool. First two week we learning about Adobe. We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Indesign. When we learn all three of this Adobe we need to make a poster contain a picture from Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop to put in Adobe Indesign. I was research about Mount Everest. And this is my Poster

We also learn how to research on google. And For the three to four last week, we were learning about coding and also Introduce to it and it was fun to learn in this class.



New Year New book!  Yes like what I said in the new year I got a new math book from my teacher. In this year we were learning about fraction. We use Kanacadermy to help review and also learning. We do a lot of exercise in class and also doing work in a team. Every week we always changing the sit to get more confident with a friend and also place. On Friday we usually playing to review our learning of the week. And we have a review homework to do every week and we need to turn it in on Monday.

English Literacy

Literacy is one of the important Essential in Liger. It helps our English skill better. We learn all the skill such as Writing, Listening, Speaking, And reading. We use some website to learn literacy like Newsela, Readworks, and Commonlit. In this years we were focusing on reading and writing.  When we start the class we always do affirmation. And we learn by the English language history. And we have a homework packet that has 10 words and there are some exercise to do with all of the words. When we feel like we comfortable with all of that word we have to take a test for our teaching to know and get a score.



Right now in Khmer class, we were doing a lot about making Khmer poem. I love making Khmer poem and I have been making a lot of poems since I came here. I love making the poem when I am free time and I spent a lot of time making it and here are some of my poem in Khmer

ខេត្តខ្ញុំជាខេត្តមួយដែលល្អ                                              មនុស្ស​ចិត្តស្មោះសរមិនកុហក

ទីក្រុងស្រស់ស្អាតមិនកង្វក់​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                             ​មិនចេះកុហកចិត្តស្មោះសរ។

អាហារខេត្តខ្ញុំមានច្រើនមុខ                                              មានត្រីអន្លក់យ៉ាងស្រស់ល្អ

មានមនុស្សមកញ៉ាំច្រើនកុះករ                                          ម្ហូបទាំងអស់ល្អគ្មានដាក់ថ្នាំ។

គ្រប់ភូមិគ្រប់ស្រុកអនាម័យ                                               ចេះរកកម្រៃជាប្រចាំ

រកសុីលុយកាក់តាមចំណាំ                                                 បុរាណបានផ្តាំពីដូនតា។

ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ខេត្តខ្ញុំខ្លាំងណាស់                                            ទាំងក្មេងទាំងចាស់ខំធ្វើការ

ក្មេងៗទាំងអស់ខំសិក្សា                                                      ​​​ បានផលបានផ្កាមកសង្គម។

រីឯមន្ត្រីទាបនឹងខ្ពស់                                                             គ្មានបក្សគ្មានពួកឬរលង

ចេះគិតចេះគូប្រជាជន                                                          គោរពសង្គមតាមផ្លូវច្បាប់។

ប្រជាជនវិញខំប្រឹងប្រែង                                                      កុំឲ្យខេត្តឯងនេះអាម៉ាស

ចុងក្រោយអ្វីៗបានដឹងច្បាស់                                               បានចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ទីក្រុងស្អាត។

ខេត្តខ្ញុំមិនចាស់ក៏មិនថ្មី                                                         មានអនាម័យយ៉ាងស្្អាតបាទ

មានវត្តមានវ៉ាយ៉ាងស្រស់ស្អាត                                            សូត្រធម៍រាប់បាត្រគ្រប់ៗគ្នា។

និយាយពីសេដ្ឋកិច្ចឥឡូវ                                                       ខេត្តខ្ញុំមានស្រូវដំឡូងជ្វា

ប្រជាជនខ្ញុំមិនរុញរា                                                               ខំទាំងអស់គ្នាដើម្បើខេត្ត។

មានសាលារៀនព្រមទាំងពេទ្យ​​​​​​​                                              យ៉ាងល្អពន់ពេកច្រើនអនេក

ពេលមានអសន្នគ្រប់ទីខេត្ត                                              ចេះជួយចេះហែកដោះស្រាយទុក្ខ។

Community Documentary

This is the first Exploration in 2018. In this exploration, we were focusing on making the product in the community. Also, We collaborated with word renew student to making all of this product. We made this documentary in Kompong Speu province and in four villages. There are only four products in exploration which is Podcast, Video, Photo gallery, and Blog. I am in the blog group. The blog is a small website that we didn’t need code language to make it. In our blog we making it to contains all three other product, all village description, and province description. and we also write about all the village description and province description. for our trip first, we go on pre-trip to learn a little bit about people in all the village and ask them if we can do a documentary. For the second trip, we take the stuff that we need to make a documentary and we also interviewing village chief. For my blog group, we need to interview some people life story and all four village chiefs. When we get back to school we start to write the interview into Paragraph and learn how to put it into the blog. Click Here To See Blog. After that, we go back to the village and present the product that we are finished to the villager and give the village chief the product or file. For me, this exploration helps me learn more about technology staff like computer and website, blog.