For the new round of Literacy, we strongly focused on Reading Skill. So sometimes we review all the lesson that we learn and connect to reading skill. We also started a new Group reading that we called a Novel Study. In this activity, we have four books that the student needs to choose. One book has about 4 to 5 people. all of this book was about bullying. The books are about 200 to 300 page long. There are Wonder, Monster, Outsider and Looking for Alaska. I Choose to read Wonder. Wonder was talking about The inspiring and Story about one boy name August Pullman. So to finish the book our teacher have a Schedule for how many pages do we need to read a day or a week. After a week we need to have a group discussion that we need to have a role like Symbolizer, Visualizer, Inference, WD ( word detective ) and summarizer. We need to do the discussion every week.

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