Outdoor Leadership

Photo From Mondulkiri

The third exploration of this year is Outdoor leadership. Outdoor leadership has taught me more about the outside world and nature. Before, when I heard or saw the word forest it felt like the forest was so scary and dangerous for me. When I saw animals, especially crickets, snakes, or birds, I either told my dad to kill it or I tried to kill it. But outdoor leadership taught me that all of those animals and things are also natural, they also want to live. They won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt them. That makes me sad, knowing all of the bad things that I did to nature. Now when I see an animal, I walk off. I’m not going to hurt them if they are not going to hurt me. And that is just a very good way to think and know. Outdoor leadership taught me that life is hard. If you just sit in the house and wait for rice to cook with all the electricity and a lighter. You will never know how life is hard. After all 7 weeks in this exploration, I feel like outdoor leadership means life without any stuff and supplies around you and how can you live without it. People right now live with nearly everything done for them. A lot of people, when they want food,they just go online or to the store to buy it. If they want rice, they go to the market and buy it or just put rice inside the automatic rice cooker and it cooks!! But they don’t know how hard is it to find one of the ingredients of the food. They don’t know where to find it. One more thought is to explore the beauty of nature. When you look at nature at the outside, it looks so scary, dangerous, and afraid. But when you go into it, explore it, learn about it you will see how beautiful nature is. After this exploration, I feel like I got to know more things in nature. I also learned how to help when there are people injured in the woods and I feel like if there is a time when this kind of problem happens, I can help them and guide other people to help too. All of the helping skills, making shelter, learning to survive in the woods, and walking a lot of kilometers through the woods makes me an outdoor leader.The first thing that I will do to share my knowledge with others to help protect natural spaces in Cambodia is to start with the people near me. It can be my family, my friend, every person around me and when they learn it and know it from me, they will tell their family and their friends too. It will continue and it is a great way to Started with. Because no one will listen to you if they don’t know you, so you need to teach the people around you first and then people that are your friends might also know people that you don’t know, and friends of your friends might also know someone that you and your friends don’t know. One more way is social media; you can share it on Facebook, you can share it with Youtube, you can share it on websites and people can check it out and learn it.. But it all started with the people next to you and the people that you know.

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