Disability is my third Exploration and it a very interesting topic to learn.  However, Before I never know anything about disability but because of this topic, I know something that I never know before and it is a big mistake for me to say to the people without a disability. the word is ” Normal ” Normal is not a good word to describe the people without disability if we said the word “Normal” it means you have divided the people into two group. We can say “typical people” it is a good word to say to the people. This is only one word that I learn from this exploration. We have a lot of fun activity to play in the exploration to test how it feels like to have a disability. We also try to contact the organization that help people with disability to visit and one of the organizations that we went to is called Exceed

Before this organization called Cambodia trust. Exceed is the organization that makes Prosthetic and orthotic. Prosthetic is mean missing arm or leg that you need the new hole one. an orthotic is mean you have the arm or leg but it’s disableds orthotic support them from hurt. They can produce Prosthetic or Orthotic from 1 to 2 per day. At the end of this exploration, we went to the government school in Phnom Penh to do a presentation about what we learn in this exploration.


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