In this round in Khmer class, we were learning about one famous story in Cambodia that called “ Kolab Pailin ”. This story was written by Nhok Them in 1936. It’s a romantic story and also talking about a life in French Colonial administration. This story is talking about one person name Chao Chet a man who travels from Sangke district to Pailin district in Battambang province which was on the Kingdom’s western border to work as a gold miner. Chao Chet has lost his family but he never gives up. He moves from his parents’ hometown and asks a man, [Loung] Ratanak if he can live with him. Chao Chet is poor He works hard but always respecting his boss. All his words come from the bottom of his heart. The book gives the reader an understanding of what relationships between young men and women were like in those years. I really really like this story and it was so inspiring for me.

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