I never think or dream or hope or would want to fly a drone. The story is like this: On Monday we have an assembly and the teacher announce that who that free on Monday can sign up to flying drone. At that time I didn’t listen and I ask my friend to tell me what’s going on and my friend said: “ Who Ever free on Monday can go to sign up for activity”. I didn’t even ask what activity I ran very quickly and sign up for the activity Until Wednesday that I knew that the activity is to learn drone. That is the story of how I got to learn to fly a drone. The people that go to learn has four people and I was one of them!! The first day of training was very hard. I crash the drone nearly 10000 times!! Not just me that crash the drone all the people that flying it is crashing until the propeller broke. And we stop training and we go home. I was so sweating when I finish it the control was very hard but the easy thing is it similar to the car remote control so I catch up and remember it easily. After training for 2 to 3 month the teacher that teaches us has gone and we need to fly it by ourselves. So I train so hard and I got to practice with senior too. 


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