Community Documentary

This is the first Exploration in 2018. In this exploration, we were focusing on making the product in the community. Also, We collaborated with word renew student to making all of this product. We made this documentary in Kompong Speu province and in four villages. There are only four products in exploration which is Podcast, Video, Photo gallery, and Blog. I am in the blog group. The blog is a small website that we didn’t need code language to make it. In our blog we making it to contains all three other product, all village description, and province description. and we also write about all the village description and province description. for our trip first, we go on pre-trip to learn a little bit about people in all the village and ask them if we can do a documentary. For the second trip, we take the stuff that we need to make a documentary and we also interviewing village chief. For my blog group, we need to interview some people life story and all four village chiefs. When we get back to school we start to write the interview into Paragraph and learn how to put it into the blog. Click Here To See Blog. After that, we go back to the village and present the product that we are finished to the villager and give the village chief the product or file. For me, this exploration helps me learn more about technology staff like computer and website, blog. 

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